I  INTRODUCTION Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, political and social concepts referring to guarantees of freedom, justice, and equality that a state may make to its citizens. Although the terms have no precise meaning in law and are sometimes used interchangeably, distinctions may be made. Civil rights is used to imply that the state has [...]

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    Erepublik Game Review"

    eRepublik is a massively-multiplayer social strategy game in which you get to change the world and rewrite history. Think you can do better than your country’s political, business and military leaders? (Admittedly it’s not that hard in some cases…) Try your hand in this virtual copy of the real world! The players in eRepublik – [...]

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    How to Recognize Canadian Diamonds"

    Canadian diamonds provide a new alternative to people who want to buy diamonds, but are not comfortable with buying pieces that are potentially “conflict diamonds.” A “conflict diamond,” by the UN’s definition, is a diamond mined by a non-legitimate government force in order to fund a rebellion. Additionally, some people are still concerned about the [...]

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    Conservative Spending Rules"

    We all might feel a certain irony (or irritation, perhaps, depending on your political affiliation) about the $1B Canada spent on security and estimated further $1B to host the G8 and G20 summits recently since the meetings were all about wasteful government spending. But Canada has also been in the international eye-both on CNN and [...]

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  • Legit Work From Home Jobs In South Africa – How to Get Your First Online Freelance Job More Easily

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    Legit Work From Home Jobs In South Africa

    You’ve decided that going to the office five days a week is not for you. You also understand that working from home means you may often have to work in the evenings, sometimes late into the night, and, at first anyway, you may have to give up relaxing on public holidays and weekends. Legit Work From Home Jobs In South Africa

    Knowing that it takes hard work, even bravery, to give up a secure job to begin working from home is a good start, for without determination to succeed, rather stick with your day job. However, don’t let the daunting prospect of finding that first online freelance job put you off trying to do it. If you go about it correctly, it won’t be that difficult, and you’ll soon be enjoying the advantages of doing freelance work, such as being more available for your children, saving on the cost of transport to work and back, and even watching a movie in the middle of the day if you feel like it and your work is relatively up to date!

    There are many websites that offer freelance opportunities. Browse through a few of them before deciding on which one suits you best. Many offer a variety of categories and you are sure to find something that suits you. It is best to start with joining just one, familiarizing yourself with it, and actually doing some work through it, before entertaining the thought of joining more sites like it. As a freelancer, you don’t want to disappoint the people who hire you by taking too long to complete a particular job, or rushing through the assignment and delivering below standard work, just because you’re busy running around the Internet looking for more opportunities.

    You find a site that suits you, and you join, doing the bare minimum to prepare your profile. You’re so excited to have found a site that suits you that you can’t wait to start applying for jobs. A week later, after applying for thirty jobs, you’re in tears because you don’t yet have work. How could this happen? You have good skills, you wrote about them when applying for all the jobs you knew you could do, and your bids were the lowest. Why doesn’t anyone want to hire you? You’ve already left your daytime job and this was supposed to work!

    Relax. Be patient. And start again.

    Spend more time on creating the perfect profile before applying for even one job. Sometimes there are thousands of freelancers on a site and you need to make your profile stand out from the rest as much as possible. View other profiles to get a better idea of how yours should look. Even if it takes you as long as two weeks, get your profile up to scratch!

    Read through all the frequently asked questions on the site, and totally familiarize yourself with the site, so that when you apply for that first job, you can do so with confidence, knowing that you’re doing everything correctly. Legit Work From Home Jobs In South Africa

    Then apply for jobs! Don’t go for the highest paying ones at first. Choose smaller jobs to gradually get you into the process. Employers are also more likely to choose a first time provider if the job is quite small and easy to do. Once you have established yourself as a good worker, through receiving favorable comments from your employer once the assignment has ended, you can start going after the bigger fish.

    Carefully read the job description. Can you really do everything required? Refer to the content in the job description when writing your application letter. An employer isn’t interested in “I can do this work. Please visit my profile.” An employer wants to see that you understand the job description, and also that you’ve read it and are not just leaving the same message for all jobs you apply for. Be honest in your application. Don’t say you can do the work in seven days just to get the job, but knowing that it will probably take you three weeks. Taking longer than you should will result in a bad comment from the employer at the end of the assignment, making it more difficult for you to find more work. Of course, not being honest in an application can also result in the buyer not paying you, and who can blame them if the work they hired you to do is not being done exactly as they requested?

    Be careful of bidding too low. A low bid seems like you are just desperate to get a job. This may be true, but a low bid may also indicate that you are not fully qualified to do the job perfectly. At the same time, for your first few job applications, don’t bid too high. Keep this for when you have a better work history on your profile.

    Check your grammar, punctuation and spelling. If you write a really good application and it’s very similar to another application letter the buyer receives, the buyer will most likely choose the person who wrote the one with the least errors in it.

    Don’t apply for just one job and sit back and wait for a response. Accept that there will be many jobs you don’t get. Don’t waste time waiting to hear about one before applying for another. Apply for many. If you happen to be lucky enough to get four or five jobs at the same time, but know that you can manage only two of them in the time allocated, choose your favorite two, and apologize to the other buyers, being totally honest, and as polite as possible. Honesty and good manners are remembered, and the buyer may hire you at a later stage.

    Don’t always wait for an email from the site informing you of the latest jobs available. Check the site regularly for new posts. Sometimes many service providers will apply for a job and you want to be in the first few on the list. If you were a buyer faced with sifting through forty or more applications, it’s most likely you aren’t going to go through them all. If you find exactly what you’re looking for in a service provider within the first few on the list, you’re not going to view the rest of the applications (even if it’s for credit cards!).

    Stick to the rules of the site, be honest and polite, and always do your best work. Good luck! Legit Work From Home Jobs In South Africa


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    Canadian Citizenship Process, Benefits

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    For the hundreds of thousands of immigrants who move to Canada every year, it is their goal to one day obtain Canadian citizenship. Obtaining Canadian citizenship is not only a symbolic act, but also adds to the list of benefits one can receive. In order to be able to apply for citizenship, you must first meet the criteria set out by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

    To apply for Canadian citizenship, a permanent resident must have been in the country for 3 out of 4 years and have a clean criminal record. It is advisable that you keep records of all trips you have made outside of Canada during this time. Once you have completed a total of 1095 days of physical presence in Canada, you can submit an application to CIC to apply for Canadian citizenship.

    To obtain Canadian citizenship, you must submit an application form along with two photos and other documents. The approval of your application can take anywhere from 5 months to several years depending on various factors. Once CIC approves your application, you will be given a notice on when to take your citizenship exam. Once you pass your exam, you will be able to attend a citizenship ceremony where you will become a Canadian citizen. From that moment on, you will have all the rights, privileges, and responsibilities of every Canadian citizen.

    What are the benefits a naturalized Canadian citizen receives? The main difference between a Canadian permanent residence and a Canadian citizen is the right to hold a Canadian passport and the right to vote. Also, for those immigrants who wish to work for the federal government or run for political office, becoming a Canadian citizen enables you to do so. But more importantly, becoming a Canadian citizen is an important symbolic step. It shows to the community that one has embraced the values of the country and is committed to its future.

    For more information read at :- www.immigroup.com

    Information on Canadian immigration. Learn how to become a Canadian citizen. Obtain Canadian citizenship card, Apply for Canadian Visa, passport, permanent resident card, and much more – Immigroup Immigration Services

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    Capital One

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     I want to introduct something about Kiddy Blacklead Pencil. Terms of Payment: L/C,T/T Supply Ability: 21 days Minimum Order: 400 cartons Packaging: 12 pcs. per box, 24 gross per master Blacklead pencils, HB grade, smooth sharpening strong leads.
    Capital One Financial Corporation
    Public (NYSE:COF)
    Richmond, Virginia 1988
    McLean, Virginia, USA
    Key people
    Richard Fairbank, CEOGary Perlin, CFO
    Financial Services
    Credit Cards, Loans, Savings
    Market cap
    US$ 8.53 billion (Jan. 2009)
    US$ 18.97 billion (2008)
    Net income
    US$ 1.70 billion (2008)
    Total assets
    US$ 150.6 billion (2008)
    31,800 (2006)

    Capital One Bank in Wake Village, Texas
    COF, or Capital One Financial Corp. (NYSE:COF) is a McLean, Virginia-based U.S. bank holding company specializing in credit cards, home loans, auto loans, banking, and savings products. A member of the Fortune 500, the company helped pioneer the mass marketing of credit cards in the early 1990s, and it is now the fourth largest customer of the United States Postal Service and has the 8th largest deposit portfolio in the United States.
    Capital One was founded in 1988 by Richard Fairbank and Nigel Morris as a spin-off of Richmond, Virginia-based Signet Banking Corp (which was subsequently acquired in 1997 by First Union Corp.).
    Capital One entered the retail banking market with its acquisition of New Orleans, Louisiana-based Hibernia National Bank in 2005 and Melville, New York-based North Fork Bancorporation in 2006. North Fork Bank and Superior Savings of New England, both subsidiaries of North Fork Bancorporation, began using the branding of Capital One Bank on March 10, 2008.. On December 4, 2008, Capital One announced it would purchase Chevy Chase Bank for $520 million.
    Capital One responded to the 2007 subprime mortgage financial crisis by jettisoning its mortgage platform, GreenPoint Mortgage, due in part to investor pressures.
    On November 14, 2008, Capital One Financial Corporation was the recipient of $3,555,199,000.00 of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act Federal bail-out in the form of a preferred stock purchase.
    Capital One Bank (USA), N.A. and Capital One, N.A. are nationally chartered institutions, regulated by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Department of the Treasury.

    Capital One Auto Finance
    Capital One Financial Corporation is the parent company of [Capital One Auto Finance], or COAF, based in Plano, Texas. After buying PeopleFirst, it became the largest Internet auto lender, as well as one of the top US auto lenders overall.
    The company, which previously sold auto loans only through direct mail and auto dealerships, lets auto owners refinance existing auto loans and shoppers apply for new auto loans online. A decision usually comes within 15 minutes, after which the buyer receives a “blank check” for up to the approved auto loan amount, which the buyer uses to purchase a car. To the dealership, it is as if the buyer were paying cash. The checks can be used to purchase a new or used vehicle, or to refinance an existing auto loan with another lender.
    COAF originates auto loans across the credit spectrum.
    International operations
    Capital One commenced operations in Canada in 1996. Its head office is located in Toronto, Ontario. Unlike its diversified American parent, the Canadian business does not currently operate outside of the credit card market. Similar to the US Parent, Capital One Canada is Canada Post’s second largest customer. In October 2008, Capital One Canada was named one of Greater Toronto’s Top Employers by Mediacorp Canada Inc., which was announced by the Toronto Star newspaper.
    The UK headquarters of Capital One is in Nottingham, England.
    The company was once active in Spain, France and South Africa, but has since withdrawn from these markets.
    Unusual growth
    Unlike other diversified financial services firms, Capital One began as consumer lending “monoline” — a company that only does consumer lending. Remaining a monoline is precarious because of the often-cyclical nature of consumer lending; it can be very profitable industry in good times and markedly unprofitable in bad, such that a monoline company — which lacks other sources of revenue — will go out of business or be acquired fairly cheaply during hard times. Most consumer lending monolines in the past 20 years have either gone out of business (e.g. The Money Store, NextCard, Royal Acceptance) or have been acquired (e.g. MBNA, Beneficial, First USA); Capital One is notable for having experienced neither.
    Prior to this the company experienced tremendous growth as a monoline which…(and so on) To get More information , you can visit some products about Wood Music Box, Design Speaker Box, . The Kiddy Blacklead Pencil products should be show more here! 

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    Internet Dating Services

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    There is a multitude of internet dating services available today. However, KissCafe is so unique in that it is not only now available internationally, rather than only for Canada, but it also provides an avenue to discuss the environment and the world in general through Kissplanet blog.

    For those who have not yet experienced the world of online dating or those who are searching for a fresh change, KissCafe is the place to be for your entire internet dating service needs. Many people who have met their special person online have experienced love, friendship and even marriage. We all understand how difficult it is in these times financially and KissCafe is 100% free. Not only is it free, it enables a wide range of choices to meet others throughout the world, those of whom one would not normally meet in a local bar or other type of general meeting place for adults. KissCafe also offers much more than online dating, it also offers personals and a singles network.

    One very important online dating tip, among others, with all internet dating services, is the level of privacy. Never freely give out your address or any type of identifying information which could cause harm to yourself or others. Always speak in a polite and kind manner, never portraying any kind of “put down” within your communications with your desired match. Eureka provides opinions from other KissCafe members which is a great benefit, especially if you are new to the world of internet dating services. Limiting who views your information is available as well as limiting the view of any pictures you choose to post. Privacy is not limited only to your profile, but it is also incorporated to your computer as well with KissCafe’s advanced filters for spam.

    Many times an email is just not personal enough. KissCafe offers Video Instant Messenger so real-time conversations actually being face to face can be accomplished. This is another very important factor when considering the type of communication. When writing, a person can be “more liberal” and may write something he or she may never have verbally stated. Be kind, be respectful and above all remember that not all people are compatible so don’t feel bad! If one person does not “click” with your needs, another might. Keep in mind that rejection is sometimes very devastating for someone, however when you find that ultimate match, your heart will be filled with joy!

    If you have certain interests, then use KissCafe’s Interest Search. Are you looking for someone to join you hiking or camping? Are you searching for someone that enjoys being indoors or outdoors? All the choices are there, it is all a matter of searching, communicating and being honest.

    What is life without love, friendship and compassion? KissCafe is a unique, free internet dating service and now international. Give it a chance, you have nothing to lose!

    Hary Davidson provides KissCafe with interesting articles on various topics related to online dating. To view more articles on internet dating services and other related topics such as: canada dating site, personals local, dating canada, dating online, free online dating and online dating; you can also visit kisscafe.com.

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    Why Posting Your Personal Ad Online Is Safe Way to Date

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    The world has become much busier and changed so much over the past several decades. Long gone are the days of easy living and the close family style communities. The old TV shows bring back comforting memories of a simpler time, a safer time, where the good guy always came out on top. The days when it was safe for a woman to walk home any time of day or night, for kids to play out in the neighborhood no longer exist in most places. So we wonder, as a lady how do you meet a man and know you are safe? Bars may not be the best idea, we all know that everyone looks better with our beer goggles on. Dating a co-worker can be tricky, if things don’t work out it’s pretty awkward. So what is the answer for all the singles out there?Post a personal ad online, I suggest the site KissCafe.com.

    When you post your personal ad on a quality site like KissCafe, you are taking a big safety step. The dating site checks out the members. They only allow quality people to be on their dating website, and remove anyone who is being inappropriate. With your personal ad you get your own profile page, it is your choice how much personal information you allow to be public. You can search thousands of profiles for the man or woman of your dreams. Plus the dating website takes the info from your personal ad and the personal ads of other members and notifies you of matches based on common interests, political views and religious preferences among other information from your profile.

    Another reason that online dating and posting personal ad online is a safe way to meet a date is that by meeting online you can spend as long as you like chatting and getting to know other people before actually meeting them face to face. If you should decide that you don’t like a person, you can simply block them from viewing your profile. No worries of retaliation, because it you were smart you did not give them your adress or other personal information.

    Even though posting your personal ad online is a safe way to date, there are other safety precautions you need to take. You should make sure that you are completely comfortable with your match before agreeing to meet in person. When you do feel comfortable enough to meet in person, meet in a very public place. Your first meeting may be more comfortable for both of you if you both have a few friends come along. Remember there is safety in numbers. Also when it is time to go home, go home alone. Do not give your address out until you have been on enough dates to really know the other person and know they are safe. Have a couple of friends or close co-workers meet your match and get their input, what kind of vibes did they feel about your match? Have fun with personal ad and your online dating experience, but please do use common sense and be safe.

    Hary Davidson provides KissCafe with interesting articles on various topics related to online dating. To view more articles on free online dating, personal ad, and other related topics such as: free dating sites, canada dating site, personals local, dating canada, internet dating services, and online dating; you can also visit kisscafe.com.

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    P.E.I. Charlottes Shore ? Have a Great Time at the Confederation Bridge!

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    Are you looking for some real and amazing exploration? Are you looking for such places that can make you feel really great about your traveling and the planning associated with this stuff? There are so many good things to look for and plan when you are exactly moving for the destination that is far away from home. You will surely like to add the most comfortable accommodation as well as a convenient transportation mode once you are reaching for the desired location! Well, these are the common notions that people most of the time use to bear in mind.


    Looking at such demand most of the time traveling destinations and the tourism sectors operating there are offering enough lucrative services for the tourists. These sectors are exactly trying to draw more and more numbers of visitors for their purpose so that more revenue can be generated. Well, this time when you are exactly opting for the far destinations you need to have a complete search as well research about the facilities that you can avail once you are landing at the desired place. Planning all these things beforehand you start the journey will surely add more good values for your family or private tour!


    In this regard it’s the Charlottes Shore that seems to be the ideal place for your tour! Like other Canadian destinations, this place has also managed to draw enormous response from the traveling world due to the offering of stunning sights and amazing lands. This part of the world is also having a great way back history that a traveler should explore while moving on a tour. Charlottes Shore has also been named as the South Shore. This name has been assigned for the Charlottes Shore due to its geographical location. This place is located between the Charlottetown and the Summerside. As a visitor for this place you will watch the Charlottes Shore from the height of 60 meters. The Confederation Bridge that was built during the year 1997 is located here and joining the New Brunswick with PEI.


    Charlottes Shore ahs also managed to draw more popularity because it has been announced as the political and economical hub for the Prince Edward Island. While moving for the PEI, first you will come across this island. At this place you are going to have a great look at the great sight produced by the red cliffs. In this part of the world the gently rolling farmlands are another attraction points, which you will require to discover during the tour. You can make a halt there as your journey break and can fill your touring time with new motivations. These farmlands have always dragged the attention from the tourist community due to their scenic and stunning views.

    At the Charlottes Shore you can also find out the architectural view of the 1860 based theme and this view has been successfully managed to preserve by the Visitor Information Center locates the PEI. Here you can explore the official Island gift shop that is all set to bring in some amazing gifts that are having a great relationship with the culture and traditions that native people of Charlottes Shore region use to follow. The park located at the Gateway Village, which is also situated at the foot of the Confederation Bridge, can make you feel really thrilled about your vacation time.

    The Chelton Bridge Provincial Park, which is located just up the road, is a dune beach that is exactly producing some clear chance for the visitors to take part in the swimming like activities at the Northumberland Strait’s. The warm water will make you feel warm and at the same time the white sandy beach will produce a great chance for you to have a camping session at night.

    Prince Edward Island Annes Land cabin and cottage rentals



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    More rental Cottages, Cabins, Chalets and Resorts in Canada


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