Criminal Records and Your Job

Criminal Records and Your Job

The term criminal records can be described as the documentation of any crime done. Thousands of crimes are done every year in not only in Canada but in other places too. Crimes, according to some person are done by person as a mistake or as a result of poor judgment. If you have done a crime by mistake and want to get rid of that you must take the help of employment lawyer Toronto who will give the right path. However the provincial counterparts are less serious compared to the federal criminal code.

Employment Laws

How to Prevent Discrimination?

It is always seen that most of the workplaces discriminate individuals who have been recognized as criminals. The employers can fire you because you have been associated with a crime or say a few bad words or misbehave with you in front of other individuals and workers in the work area. Even if you are charged of the crime and only accused of you will feel the difference in behavior from your senior workers. Don’t feel left out because you can take the help of employment lawyers Toronto in case you are discriminated from other workers. Take the help of law as they protect you from any kind of discrimination. To avoid this kind of attitude form the workplace you can pay off the dues as soon as possible or learn from the mistakes done earlier.

Areas to Face Discrimination:

In which areas you will face discrimination will depend on the type of crime you have done. Even after going through all the procedures like clearing the dues and learning the mistakes from the earlier experience by which they can get rid of the crime, criminals face a lot of problems in many areas of life. They may also take the help of employment lawyers Toronto in this regard. Some of the areas that the criminals face problems are as follows.

  • The criminals mostly face problems in their workplace as they are discriminated from other workers
  • They face a lot of problems in their personal life too
  • Credit applications and border security are other places where they face much problems

Before Hiring an Employee:

In places like Canada and other countries there is a possibility of the employer to conduct a survey on you for checking whether you have got any criminal records earlier or not. Employers can take the help of Toronto employment lawyers also. An example can be sited for this. In Ontario, the employer may do a variety of background for knowing your whereabouts. Following are the process of checking an employee’s background before they hire them.

  • A formality that is done with the job application before hiring any employee is termed as reference check. Here the employer will have a short conversation with the prospective employee and try to find out what exactly the employee does or the history of the applicant. They also try to figure out the work ethic and the character of the employee. Almost no discussions are done regarding the criminal records of the employee
  • Police criminal records are also checked by the employer especially when they are taking up employees on bond or the employees who will handle money. They check the information given by the police whether that applicant is suitable for working in that organization or not.
  • The employer may also get in touch with employment lawyer Toronto regarding the checks only if they find something mysterious in that applicant.

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