Voting For the New Government To Be Held In Canada

Voting For the New Government To Be Held In Canada

“Canada is going to elect its new federal government this October” declares Justin Trudeau, the current Prime Minister of Canada.

The period of election coincides with a campaign, which will unite with the 43rd general election of Canada which will be held on October 21.

Trudeau frames the upcoming elections as a choice made between returning to the same policies of the conservative party of Canada (the Liberal Party led by Trudeau ousted their command in 2015) which can be termed as ‘failed’ or striding ahead by electing the other Party.

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The people need to make the choice- a wise choice which is very important for the nation”, states Trudeau.

The election polls comprise of two parties which are tied in the election campaign.

It is believed that immigration can be one of the major issues of debate in this election. The federal parties of Canada favor immigration however, the past four year witnessed them diverging due to several issues concerning immigration. Toronto immigration lawyers were of great help of the immigrants in the last four years.

Asylum seekers

With the coming of Donald Trump as the US president, the count of immigrants has risen significantly in Canada. A sharp rise in the asylum claims is seen and the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada has to abandon its 60-day need for security hearing, which now has to wait for about two years, as a result.

The Conservative term the situation as ‘crisis’ which has affected the public support for immigration and has undermined public confidence in the borders of Canada. On the other hand, the liberals try to fight the ‘crisis’ and accuse the Conservatives of seeding fear in the minds of the people.

Such a situation demands the immigrants to fight for their rights and to know the rules and regulations of immigrating. The Toronto immigration lawyer serve the needful during such alarming situations.

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Levels of immigration

The Conservatives and Liberals have never been on the same side over the immigration level of Canada.

In the year 2017, the Liberal government brought forward a new approach concerning immigration levels planning which migrated from a year plan to an approach of 3-years. The led to an increase in the count of immigrants to Canada in the three subsequent years.

When a survey was made in the year 2018 to find out the number of newcomers in Canada, it came out that about one percent of Canada’s population were immigrants. One percent immigration rate acts as the base for mitigating the outcomes of the declining birth rate of Canada and the increase in the workforce retirements of the social and economic development of the country in the coming years” states Conference Board of Canada.

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Asking for respect and civility

Canada’s representatives’ requests the political leaders not to make immigration a political issue. The Councils of Canada put in their best efforts to eliminate racism or spreading of misinformation amongst the people and immigrants. Canada must value compassion, safety, and equality.

If an immigrant feels that his safety or rights are being thrashed down, he can always contact Toronto immigration lawyers for guidance and support.